We are experts in public participation. We initiate local conversations. We are specialized in creating comprehensive public consultations for municipalities, urban planners, real estate developers and community groups.


Promoting strong public participation very early in a development process generates support from communities and public authorities. This is what we do. We are communication professionals that are passionate about urban development. We dedicate ourselves to organizing public consultations of all types.


Municipalities do want to consult their citizens on important issues within comprehensive public participation programs but do not always have the required staff to do so. We offer a turnkey public consultation service which includes, among other things, stakeholder engagement, outstanding citizen experience, database management and detailed consultation reports.


We help urban planners and architects make themselves understood by users and residents through creative public participation. But above all, we allow urban development professionals to really focus on public perceptions while we organize for them public consultations that can reveal an unsuspected genius loci.

Supporting Promoters

Early dialogue with the community and public participation have become the standard for major development and requalification projects. Thanks to super structured pre-consultations, we help real estate developers integrate in their new community the right way, by meeting residents and other stakeholders right from the start while at the functional design stage.

Another Miami

Two public participation initiatives in Magic City really inspired us. We often forget that Miami is not just about tourism, the beach or parties. There are also thousands of ordinary people living in working-class neighborhoods. We recently discussed two particularly inspiring initiatives that took place in the neighborhoods of Little Havana and Wynwood Norte with Juan Mullerat, the founding principal of Plusurbia Design who put together those exciting projects.

Three lessons from Barcelona

Barcelona’s requalification of the Poblenou district is once again redefining the rules of modern urban planning. Interview with an urban strategist from the firm Voodoo Associates based in Barcelona to talk about this vast laboratory that is the “22@” project.

What kind of public participation?

The term public consultation is used over and over. But there are as many forms of public participation as there are development scenarios and regulatory contexts. Here is an overview.