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During our in-person or virtual public participation activities, we encourage the following approaches:

  • Intervene briefly and directly
  • Express your opinion as clearly and succinctly as possible so that others can have time to speak
  • Discuss ideas, don’t attack people!
  • Respectfully listen to the opinions of others. If you do not agree, you have the right to say so while being polite
  • Dare to speak up, open up to diversity
  • You have some responsibility for the success of the activities
  • React when asked and have the openness to hear ideas that are not yours
  • Keep your attention on the person speaking
  • Avoid discussions or comments with neighboring people, as this interferes with listening and understanding of the interventions
  • Turn off your phones and alerts, don’t be in two places at once!
  • Be punctual and respect your choice of activity
  • Show up on time for the activities you have chosen. If you arrive late, be discreet.

During our in-person or virtual public participation activities, we strongly discourage these ways. Our facilitators have been instructed to end it without delay:

  • To disclose personal information about another person, whether or not they participate in the activity
  • To make hateful, vulgar or insulting remarks or to make violent, obscene or sexually explicit gestures
  • To threaten or harass a person
  • Threaten to commit a criminal act or incite to do so
  • Commercial promotion of a product or service in an unsolicited and unauthorized manner by the organizers
  • Use illegal material (for example, that violates a court order)

Photography and image rights

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